About me

Sandra Gebhardt-HoepfnerSandra Gebhardt-HoepfnerSandra Gebhardt-Hoepfner

I am fascinated with catching the light in its natural environment. The presentation of seascapes still visible but already dissolved. The observer still needs to bring their own fantasies and imagination to the painting. Being born between the baltic and north sea draws my desire towards the ocean. A never ending river of inspiration with constant change of light, colour, creativity of clouds, high or low tide, and ocean sparkle with all its movements.
I can lose myself in my work. Every time I start a new painting I go on an adventure and I never know where it will take me. I hope whoever observes my paintings will feel relaxation, peace and find a relationsship on their own to my painting.
Mainly I paint with acrylic paint. Sometimes mixed with oil and pastel chalk. I am using brushes and palette knifes.
I have always loved to sketch and paint. Ever since I can remember I have supplied my family and friends with my work. When I moved to Hamburg in 1996 I was fortunate to have a few oil painting lessons from the painter Lothar Schulz-Goldap. I wanted to learn and understand how to catch waves. I sell my paintings since 2004 in Galleries and to private collectors.
I am living together with my husband and our two children in Hamburg. During the morning I work as a Mediator and in a Real Estate Agency (Mediator education 2007-2009 in Hamburg, studied business administration 1993-1996 in Kiel, schooling as an industrial management assistant 1989-1991 in Rendsburg), but after that I work as a joyful artist.

Solo Exhibitions
Kulturzentrum Berenberg-Gosslar-Haus, Hamburg Niendorf 06.01.-08.02.2023
Witthüs Hamburg Blankenese Hirschpark 02.05.-30.05.2022
Museumsschiff Rickmer Rickmer 17.05.-27.06.2022
Haspa Hamburg-Blankenese 01.07.-31.07.2021
Galerie Hahn Blankenese 01.03.-31.03.2004

Group Exhibitions
Kunstmeile Blankenese 01.04.-30.04.2021
Artbox.Project World 1.0 Zürich 04.01.-30.06.2021